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Author: Taelinn Dolivras

From the desk of an amateur star reader...

There is a hint of freshness in the air and the cheerful sun will soon begin to show its face. And I am quite happy to inform you all that with the new season many of you will see more cheer in your lives! Hold tight to this little spurt of happiness, for who knows how long it will last...

Taisham - December 22 to January 18

Smile and the world smiles with you. Trip and fall flat on your face in a pile of horse dung and your friends will have a good laugh... that will last until early summer, at least! Watch your step this month.

Jumara - January 19 to February 15

The creative juices are flowing! Take advantage of the newly blooming flowers and write a poem for someone you love! Don’t recite it under their balcony though, or you might lose points for cheesiness.

Saban - February 16 to March 15

Chin up. If you’ve been feeling a little under the weather, things are sure to change. A storm is coming soon and while the weather outside will be miserable, your sniffles won’t seem that terrible in comparison.

Aine - March 16 to April 12

Do something generous for the less than fortunate and enjoy a feel-good moment. Sometimes it’s better to give than to receive, especially when giving makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Adar - April 13 to May 10

Rejoice! You will find money in an unexpected place! Don’t go thinking that you’re going to be rich though; it’s likely you’ll find some money you thought you lost a long time ago.

Saven - May 11 to June 7

This is the perfect month for redecoration. Perhaps you could splurge and buy a new quilt, or move your bed to another part of your bedroom. Just make sure you don’t do something drastic like paint your floor orange because you’ll definitely regret it.

Amadaine - June 8 to July 6

Send a letter to your grandmother this month and perhaps you will get an invitation to one of her famous dinners! Avoid the desserts though - she will have mixed up the sugar and salt containers again.

Tammaz - July 7 to August 3

There is a silver lining to every cloud. Try to remember that the next time you forget your umbrella during a rainstorm.

Maigdhal - August 4 to August 31

Are you feeling a little on the short side? Put away your stretching rack, my friend, because spring is the time for growth! The stars weren’t clear as to whether the growth was up or out, so this might be a good time to start a new exercise program just in case.

Choren - September 1 to September 28

Watch out for creepy crawlies this month. As the weather warms up, bugs start to come out, and you don’t want a nice collection of bug bites just as it gets warm enough to wear backless dresses.

Shaldine - September 29 to October 26

This is a month of contradictions for you, but don’t worry, these contradictions will work to your advantage. Every beautiful disaster that comes your way will only strengthen your resolve to do better.

Nesan - October 27 to November 23

I am happy to report that you will lose nothing this month! However that may cause a little bit of clutter in your house, as you have always counted on losing things before and will have difficulties finding space to put everything you normally would have lost.

Danu - November 24 to December 21

Early in the month, someone will tell you how beautiful you are. Just make sure you don’t spend all your time looking in the mirror or you may find yourself worrying too much about those faint creases in your forehead.