The Tower in 2017

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The major events at TarValon.Net in 2017.


Main article: 2017 Annual Report


Admin Meeting

Main article: Spring 2017 Admin Meeting
Main article: Fall 2017 Executive Meeting




Main article: 2017 Raisings

Ten people were raised Aes Sedai and three people Gaidin.


Main article: 2017 Bondings

Three couples bonded this year.


Main article: 2017 Demotions

Four people demoted this year.


Outreach Activities

Main article: 2017 Outreach Activities


Main article: 2017 Official Events

March 17-20, held in Estes Park, Colorado. 50 people attended.

April 21-23, held in Atlanta, Georgia. 49 members attended.

September 1-3, held in Callander, Scotland. 28 people attended.

October 13-15, held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 15 people attended.


Main article: 2017 Awards
Amyrlin's Awards
Main article: Amyrlin's Awards 2017
Keeper's Awards
Main article: Keeper's Awards 2017
Merit Awards
Members' Choice Awards
Main article: Members' Choice Awards 2017


Main article: Administrative and Staff Positions in 2017

Melisande Arneil became the Head of the Department of Events and Conferences on April 22. Ninya Evoneigh became the Head of the Department of Marketing on April 22. Deoan Kakarot became the Head of the Department of Technology on September 5.