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With the size of our community and the number of activities that occur, it can be daunting trying to find out everything that's going on. The following is a list of resources that exist solely for giving out information about our community:

  • Site Announcements - This is a forum on our boards that exists solely for alerting our Community Members about various changes to our community and Community Membership. Changes from the administrative meeting, bondings, raisings, Executive leaves of absence, retirements, position openings, information about official events, and other announcements involving our community are posted in this forum. It's an excellent forum to keep your eye on.
  • General News - This portion of our website includes updates and information about series itself and the large internet presence based on the series, as well as any significant announcements pertaining to the overall scope of our site.
  • Membership Manual - Our Membership Manual is the primary document that has information about Community Membership at TarValon.Net. It includes details about all aspects of our community. If you have a question about how something happens, why a procedure is in place, or any other general information, this is your best bet for finding it. Our Code of Conduct is also located in our Membership Manuals, and it is the basis of all of our guidelines regarding interactions between Community Members.
  • Our Library - Our Library houses information both about The Wheel of Time and our history. Want to know which chapters Lord Agelmar was mentioned in? Want to know who our first Master at Arms was? This is the place to look!
  • The Who's Who - Information on all our Members and their history at TarValon.Net
  • TarValon.Net Bylaws - Our Bylaws are a legal operating document. As such, they are a good resource about our legal structure as a corporation, but they do not have a lot of information about how our community functions.
  • Social Media - We have active Facebook and Twitter which we use to share current news, as well as other Social Media platforms including instagram and Pintrest

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